January is an ideal time to make a plan for the areas around your home which need repairs or routine maintenance.  Make a list viewing the outside of your home first, and prioritise what needs attention most urgently.  Do this for every room in your house.  Then compile an overall list beginning with the most urgent priorities first.


You will need to assess whether you will complete these tasks yourself or whether you need to employ a tradesperson.  If you will need to use a tradesperson, get 3 quotes from reputable tradespeople who have recently had good reviews, and mark the estimated cost next to the job.  If you are going to complete the job yourself mark down the estimated cost.  In line with your household budget, mark a timeline for when the jobs will be able to begin and an estimated finishing date.

Throughout the year keep reviewing your timeline to ensure that you keep focussed and you can see what has been achieved.  Ultimately this will help you to create a safe and comfortable home hopefully without any surprise problems.